Air and Odour Permitting Support

  • Air and Odour Emissions Inventories

  • Air and Odour Dispersion Modelling

  • Air Quality and Odour Permitting

  • Record-keeping and Reporting

Odour Sampling

  • Source Inventory
  • Source Sampling:
    • Stack Sampling
    • Surface Odour Sampling
    • Aerated Surfaces Sampling
    • Others
  • Flow Rate Measurements

Environmental Management

  • Environmental Auditing Services

  • Control Technology Analyses and Mitigation Plan Development for Atmospheric Emissions

  • Environmental Outsourcing Services

  • Source Monitoring and Ambient Air Monitoring Assistance, Data Analysis and Reporting

Communication and Training

  • Litigation Support

  • Personnel Training

  • Third Party Liaison with Public Authorities

  • Communication with Population and Establishment of Citizens Committees