Senior environmental engineer, Ms. Lord has a degree in chemical engineering and a Masters in chemical process with focus on air and odour quality mitigation.

Within the last 25 years, she has developed a strong background in engineering analysis, particularly in the sector of primary air contaminants, odour emissions and greenhouse gases. She has provided environmental services all around the world that focused on air pollution and odour audits, environmental impact assessments, emission inventories, air quality and odour emission management, atmospheric pollution engineering and controls.  Her strengths include the analysis of best available air pollution control technologies and renewable energy options for various industrial sectors in urban and rural regional areas such as:

  • Infrastructure and transportation related projects (trucks, highways, marine terminals, rail and marine vessels;

  • Mining;

  • Chemical and petrochemical plants;

  • Oil & gas related operations (exploration phase, exploitation, transportation, compressor stations up to the gas stations);

  • Refineries;

  • Roofing product plants using asphalt, bitumen and heavy oil products;

  • Manufacturing industries;

  • Composting and landfill sites;

  • Waste water treatment units;

  • Agricultural activities;

  • Etc.

Ms. Lord excels in communication between various parties such as regulatory agencies, industry and non-governmental environmental organisations in federal and provincial processes. Prior to being president of Air & Odour Inc., Ms. Lord was Vice-President of Operations and manager of Odotech’s engineering consulting services, Senior Environmental Consultant and Manager of Levelton Consultants Montreal – Eastern Canada operations and former manager of Levelton’s Calgary office. As a former manager of various offices and divisions, Elisabeth has developed excellent skills in project management, budget and schedule control.